Juniper Breeze Scented Candles

Juniper Breeze Scented  CandlesOur Best Selling Candle Scent.
A very Fresh Clean Smell.
Even Better than Bath and Body Works® Famous Scent.

About Our Silver City Scented Candles Tin
All candles are hand poured to ensure an even and smooth consistency. They are luxuriously scented from top to bottom with the finest ingredients. Your candle will always smell like it is being lit for the first time. Silver City Candles are the slowest burning candle you can find. All of our hand poured scented candles burn very cleanly, no more dirty black smoke. Every candle comes in a safe, unbreakable tin.

All Natural, Lead Free

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Burning Instructions:

  • Never leave Candle Burning Unattended.
  • Burn 3-4 Hours per Lighting.
  • Keep Wick Trimmed to 1/2 Inch.
  • Do Not Let Trimming Collect Inside Tin.
  • Keep Away From Pets, Children, Curtains and Any Flammable Material.
  • Burn On A Heat Resistant Surface
  • Stop Burning When Only 3/4" of Wick is Remaining in Candle
  • Enjoy Safely!

Select a Candle Size
20oz / 100 Hours $15.95
26oz / 150 Hours $22.95

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Silver City Candle is a Registered Trademark
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